Hi Girls,
We are in this, together right? Please? I really need you to stick with me okay. It is not going to be the easiest six weeks, but we can do it! I just need you to hang……well no, not hang, hold in there. Just like the rest of us, you do not have permission to leave your place unless it is completely essential to do so. Please, please stay in place!!!!

Love Me … (An open letter to our eyelashes)

All jokes aside, we currently find ourselves in lockdown yet again and it’s going to be at least six weeks before our precious lashes with be able to benefit from the loving care and attention given to them by the MBC team. This means we’re are going to have to do our best to care for them and make them last. Here are a few tips and tricks to protect your lashes and get the best retention you can.

Do your best to avoid water on your eyes where possible. When washing your hair, try your best to tilt your head back so the water hits your scalp just behind your hairline. This should help create a buffer zone and allow any excess water to be caught by your hair forward of where the water is hitting and reduce the water left to run down your face. Try also to place your shampoo in the same spot, to again allow the buffer hair to soak up the excess. For total protection check out the Lash Goggles available for sale on the MBC. website. These babies are a MUST for protecting your lashes from the water and steam in the shower – plus they are large enough to double up and protect your last brow treatment too, extending the life of both.

When washing your face try using a face washer or cleansing wipe instead of splashing water all over. I call my tried and tested method the Panda! It is simple, just avoid where the black fur around your eyes would be this ensures you give your lashes a wide berth. I personally use a face washer to
wet my face, apply product and remove.

The Panda Method: Avoid where the black fur around your eyes would be; giving your lashes a wide berth

If your lashes do get wet use your hair dryer on the coolest and most gentle setting to dry them. From a socially safe distance of 30cm, position so the air is blowing upward on to the bottom of your lashes. Do this until dry whilst gently brushing with your spoolie to separate.

All these tips are amazingly simple but will help to protect and (hopefully) preserve your lashes for as long as possible.