The lockdown nail beauty oath goes like this.  I solemnly swear to not bite, pick or tear off my grown out sns nails.  Instead, I will opt to take them off in a safe manner that will not leave me with damaged natural nails when I get out. Short term pain is long term gain. I repeat. Short term pain is long term gain.

Without stating the obvious we all know lockdown is tough but when you add hair regrowth, no lashes, and chipped nails to the mix it really takes it to the next level.  We don’t have to tell you that it’s not a pleasant feeling when your SNS starts to grow out.  Outside of looking aesthetically unpleasant they start to become irritating, often get caught in your hair and let’s face it you get tempted to pick at them only resulting in damage to the natural nails underneath. The joys of lockdown hey!

On a brighter note, we can take control of our grown out chipped, sns nails and get them off safely and seamlessly.  I’m not going to lie it’s a job that requires a bit of patience but when you’ve got nowhere to go and infinite time it really isn’t much of an issue. Am I right or am I right?

To get you on your way to light and free natural nails simply head to the shop tab on our website and grab yourself a Mobile Beauty Co. SNS removal kit.

SNS nail removal kit (RRP $24.95) containing 1 x course file, 1 x 250 ml acetone, 1 x nail buffer & an instruction leaflet

Once you’ve got the kit in your hot little hands grab yourself a large bowl of warm water, a smaller bowl to fit inside the larger bowl where you will place the acetone, some paper towel and some patience. We figure if you are in lockdown 6.0 and home schooling you already have a tonne of it!

TIP: Don’t forget to pop on the latest Netflix series you are bingeing.

Whilst you will receive an instruction leaflet with your kit, if you are like us and ”misplace” paper easily just use the below step by step instructions and set those natural nails free.


Fill your large bowl with warm water, fill your smaller bowl with the acetone provided and line the inside with paper towel. Place the smaller bowl into the larger bowl filled with warm water so the acetone warms up.

**WARNING** do not heat the acetone directly as it is extremely flammable. WARM the water that the acetone is placed in and not the acetone itself


While the acetone is warming up use the course file to file over the top of your nails so the acetone can work itself into the product (SNS, Shellac or acrylic) faster. Once the top layer has been filed place your fingers onto the paper towel in the acetone and slowly work backwards and forward as you soak your nails. Wait about 5-10 minutes, remove & file over your nails again and place back in the acetone to soak. Repeat until the product has been removed or has mostly come off.


Once most of the product has been removed or it has been soaked off use the buffer to buff over the top of your nails to smooth them. Be careful not to buff too much as your nails will most likely be quite weak.

Hang in there, good nails aren’t far away!


Wash your hands then apply cuticle oil and let this sink in. You can then paint your nails with a polish or leave them natural.

And there you have it. You are just one nail removal kit and 4 steps away from nice, natural nails until you can get back to the salon!