Vitiligo (pronounced VITTLE-I-GO) is a condition in which cells lose their pigment resulting in patchwork like discolouration of the skin and hair. The condition is not life threatening but is without a doubt life changing for those who have this condition.

While Vitiligo is definitely not something that should be hidden sometimes a good tan can help reduce the contrast between the different skin tones. But how you ask?

After meeting a few beautiful clients with Vitiligo, researching different methods and a lot of trial and error we have found this is the way to get the most natural results.

First and foremost our glow expert will recommend a tanning solution that will best match the lighter areas to the darker areas of the body. The solution is then applied only to the lighter areas with a small sponge, blending out the edges as they go using a gentle patting motion. Next, we fan the spot for a few minutes to set the solution in place. As fake tan works on the outer layer of skin and has nothing to do with pigment both areas should absorb the tan in the same way.

Depending on the skin type of the client and how dark they would like to go we can then do a light coat of tan over the entire body to lift their overall colour and best match both areas so they remain the same “tone”.

Skin Condition: Vitiligo

For first time spray tan clients with Vitiligo, it is recommended that we book another consultation the day after to see and asses the results. This gives us an opportunity to go a shade darker if needed and it is definitely best practice to build the colour gradually rather than going too hard at the start!

Vitiligo is not something that should be disguised or hidden however sometimes small adjustments can help out clients’ feel better and more confident and if that’s the case, why not!